National Advisory Committee

The National Advisory Committee of the Cochlear Implants for Children with Combined Hearing and Vision Loss project is utilized to assist project staff in the implementation and evaluation of project activities.

The CIDB Advisory Committee meets once each year, maintaining communication in the interim through a listserv, email, and telephone contacts.

Overall responsibilities of the CIDB Advisory Committee include:

  • Planning project activities
  • Problem solving with project staff, regarding unanticipated challenges
  • Evaluating project outcomes
  • Ensuring that appropriate partners / agencies are being utilized for maximizing the effectiveness of the project
  • Disseminating information

The committee's membership includes parents of young children with deaf-blindness--who have cochlear implants, state deaf-blind project service providers, and representatives from deaf-blind personnel preparation programs and family associations for persons with deaf-blindness:

  • Mr. Maurice Belote (California Deaf-Blind Services)
  • Ms. Shannon Butalla (Parent)
  • Dr. Diane Kelly (Connections Beyond Sight and Sound, University of Maryland)
  • Ms. Danette Roth (Parent)
  • Ms. Gloria Rodriguez-Gil (California Deaf-Blind Services)
  • Dr. Joe Spradlin (University of Kansas)
  • Dr. Jim Thelin (University of Tennessee)
Advisory Committee

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