OR AMP Summer Bridge Program (Sept 8-18th, 2016)

The  OR AMP Summer Scholars program is an exciting new program being offered to students participating in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree programs at WOU. Qualifying students are invited to apply for the end of summer program that will run between Sept. 8th – 18th. The focus of the bridge program is to engage new students in activities that will develop new social connections with their peers and professors in the STEM fields, acquaint them with services provided on campus, and introduce them to to research and internship opportunities that are available within their chosen disciplines.

As an OR AMP Scholar, you will:

  • Meet other first-year students interested in STEM disciplines (Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth  Science, Math and Health-Related Careers)
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Go Rafting on the McKenzie River
  • Compete in the OSU Challenge Course.
  • Learn about research opportunities and participate in skill building activities
  • Connect with a community of diverse peers before classes even start!

Students interested in learning more about WOU programs in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, or the Health-related fields as a career option and who self identify as one or more of the following are eligible to apply:

  • Black/African American
  • Latina/o
  • Native American/Alaskan Native
  • Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian

OR AMP is focused on increasing the participation and retention of URM students to create a community of diverse scholars. Creating diversity in STEM disciplines is critical to answering some of the major questions and problems facing humanity. As noted by Professor Scott:

“When we consider scientific research as group problem-solving, instead of the unveiling of individual brilliance, diversity becomes key to excellence. In his book, The Difference, Professor Scott Page lays out a mathematical rationale and logic for diversity. He shows that, when trying to solve complex problems (i.e., the sort of thing scientists are paid to do), progress often results from diverse perspectives. That is, the ability to see the problem differently, not simply “being smart,” often is the key to a breakthrough. As a result, when groups of intelligent individuals are working to solve hard problems, the diversity of the problem solvers matters more than their individual ability. Thus, diversity is not distinct from enhancing overall quality–it is integral to achieving it.”

Gibbs, K. Jr. (2014) Scientific American.

Applying for the Program:


To apply for the program, please complete the online application below. The deadline to apply HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO AUG 28th, 2016 and students will be notified of their acceptance between Aug 15th and Sept 1st, 2016.  For questions regarding your application, please contact Dr. Patricia Flatt (flattp@mail.wou.edu).  

Submit an Application Here!

2016 LSAMP Summer Scholar Program dates – Thursday, September 8th – Sunday, September 18th

The goal of our bridge programs are to not only increase retention, but also to develop future campus leaders.  The programs are designed to connect students with a solid peer group, resources on campus, a support structure of Faculty and Staff, and become comfortable with life on campus.

Post program, we have seen that the students involved in our bridge programs truly bond with each other and have maintained their friendships. They understand the purpose of OR AMP and fully embrace the opportunities that we offer to them as a result of participation in the program.  Many of our bridge students continue to be involved in OR AMP and use our Student Center to study, socialize, and become acquainted with the rigorous schedule of an WOU student majoring in a STEM field.

Students participating in the OR AMP Summer Scholars program will also have the opportunity to learn about and join WOU STEM Leaders.  The WOU STEM Leaders Program is an exciting new opportunity at WOU for students from groups underrepresented in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences and Math.  In this program, students gain access to several proven methods of success in college, including paid undergraduate research with a professor, workshops focused on improving the likelihood of success, a U-SUCCEED course teaching skills essential for first years students, and interactions with a community of students with like interests.  There is no application or participation cost associated with this program.  We hope you will join the STEM Leaders team and join other students on this pathway.


Department of Chemistry

(503) 838-8644 | or e-mail: flattp@wou.edu