Meet Kate! She is a sophomore here at WOU and is majoring in exercise science. She teaches Pilates from 5:30-6:20pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays! She started taking classes last year and loved it so stared shadowing another instructor. She is now teaching on her own and is excited for everyone to join in!


Meet Haley! She has worked here at Campus Rec for about 3 years and has been teaching spin since spring term 2019. She had taken many spin classes before and enjoyed pushing herself in class. She teaches Monday and Wednesday at 6:45pm and is excited to see you in class! 


Meet Hannah, currently working toward her Bachelor´s Degree in Exercise Science at Western Oregon University. “I am all about helping others find enjoyment in exercise through pilates. The functional exercises will make you sweat and improve overall strength. I hope to help enhance your body awareness and make you more appreciative of what your body can do.”


Meet Hailey! She is a certified NETA yoga instructor here at campus rec and teaches Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-6:20pm. She is a sophomore studying early childhood education. She started taking yoga classes as a freshman and loved it so became an instructor! She is excited for anyone to join her class and would love to see some new faces!


Meet Nina! She is a yoga instructor (AND works on the rock wall) and leads our weekly Friday yoga class from 4:30-5:20pm. She has just started teaching this term and is excited to grow and find her own unique teaching style. She is thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to share her passion with all of campus!


Instructing for WOU Campus Recreation since Spring 2018

  • Education: Currently working toward her Medical Assistant to become an RN at Chemeketa Community College.
  • Certifications/Training: Licensed Zumba Instructor (Basic 1)
  • Malina´s Philosophy: “Zumba is my passion and I am so excited to share my passion with you! Zumba is for everyone willing to put themselves out of their comfort zone and I’m here to help make the process easier. So come sweat, smile and repeat!”


Instructing for WOU Campus Recreation since Spring 2018

  • Education: Graduated from WOU 2017 summa cum laude Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies and a Minor in Business
  • Certifications/Training: Yoga Certification from American Sport and Fitness Association (ASFA)
  • Rachel´s Philosophy: “Focus on your breath and listen to your body with every movement, and find peace within yourself. Treat your body as an interconnected whole instead of isolated parts, and consider every muscle and joint with each pose.”



Instructing for WOU Campus Recreation since Fall 2014

  • Education: Currently working toward her Master’s Degree in Education Information Technology at Western Oregon University.
  • Certifications/Training: Zumba Licensed Instructor (Basic 1)
  • Robyn´s Philosophy: “Zumba fitness has transformed my life and I’m excited to motivate the WOU community! I provide a supportive, party-like environment so that everyone at any fitness level can get their best workout while having a great time. Zumba isn´t about knowing how to dance or worrying about who´s watching, it’s about enjoying yourself while you sweat your stress away. Take a chance on yourself, join me in class!.”


Campus Recreation

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