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Western Oregon University’s Campus Recreation Department has been an active member of NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation since 2012. NIRSA provides for the education and development of professionals and student members and fosters quality recreational programs, facilities, and services for diverse populations. Collecting research and data is integral to NIRSA’s processes of improving the profession and associated programs, services, and facilities of collegiate recreation. Established in 2009, the Recreation and Wellness Benchmark / Survey provides a benchmarking mechanism to capture ways in which campus recreation enhances the lives of students inside and outside the classroom. It has become one of the nine Consortium studies that institutions can choose to participate in. The NASPA Assessment & Knowledge Consortium is a collection of assessment instruments focused on key areas within Student Affairs. (Forrester, 2014)

The Campus Recreation Department has participated in this national benchmark survey on a biannual basis (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019). The consortium studies are designed to provide the Campus Recreation Department with actionable, campus-specific (Benefits of Campus Recreation at WOU) and benchmarking data to shape and enhance future programming. Below are a few questions and response rates from previous assessments.

Do you utilize any of the on-campus recreation facilities, programs, or services?

WOU National
2013 75.06% 74.85%
2015 86.69% 83.50%
2017 92.31% 81.87%
2019 85.55% 82.74%

Percentages above are the user’s answer “Yes”.

In deciding to continue at this college, how important are Campus Recreation facilities?

WOU National
2013 55.13% 48.61%
2015 60.67% 47.59%
2017 66.28% 48.92%
2019 53.19% 48.00%

Percentages above combine the users’ answers “Very or Moderately Important”.

My recreational needs are met by Campus Recreation.

WOU National
2013 71.23% 76.51%
2015 77.91% 77.74%
2017 81.77% 77.17%
2019 79.77% 76.54%

Percentages above combine the users’ answers “Strongly or Somewhat Agree”.

I enjoy participating in Campus Recreation activities and/or utilizing facilities.

WOU National
2013 86.86% 82.49%
2015 90.18% 85.32%
2017 89.35% 83.99%
2019 86.97% 83.69%

Percentages above combine the users’ answers “Strongly or Somewhat Agree”.

Overall, I would recommend Campus Recreation facilities, programs, and services to others.

WOU National
2013 86.45% 86.20%
2015 89.60% 87.75%
2017 90.54% 86.78%
2019 89.55% 85.42%

Percentages above combine the users’ answers “Strongly or Somewhat Agree”.