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As a volunteer Advisory Committee member, you will have the opportunity to provide a fresh, informed perspective on the shaping of programs and culture. We will be reviewing and making recommendations on a number of activities and scheduling issues, which will determine the success of the facilities and future growth capacity. We are looking for student leaders who are passionate about learning, yearn to implement change, and care about helping other students achieve their potential.

About the Committee


Campus Recreation is part of the Division of Student Affairs.

The Campus Recreation Advisory Committee consists of:

  • Student – (Voting members)
    Not less than 4 and up to 8 student representatives
    Each area will have a minimum of one representative (HWC, IM, Club Sports, and Athletics)
    No more than two representatives are allowed from each area (HWC, IM, Club Sports, or Athletics)
    (each student will serve for a 1-year term) – General appointments
  • Faculty/Staff – (Voting members)
    Not less than 1 and up to 2 Faculty/Staff representative(s)
    Faculty/Staff member representative(s) will hold a current Health and Wellness Center membership
    (each Faculty/Staff member will serve a 1-year term) – General appointments
  • Ex-Officio – (Non-voting members)
    Campus Recreation Director
    Asst. Campus Recreation Director(s)

Desired Qualifications

  • Proven leadership and analytical skills
  • Self-motivated team player


  • Positively and productively communicate about college students’ concerns and needs.
  • Work to influence the direction of existing and future programs for all members.
  • Consistently attend all meetings which will occur up to two times during fall, winter and/or spring terms for approximately 1-2 hours.


All members will be expected to fill one academic year and are strongly encouraged to re-apply each year.
Voting members consist of no less than five and up to ten general appointed students and faculty/staff members. The Chair will be the tie-breaking vote if needed. A quorum of ½ +1 voting members must be present when calling for a vote.

  • Meeting days and times will be determined at the beginning of each term.
  • The Committee Chair will be selected the first meeting by the committee members or may be carried over from the previous year if desired. It will be their responsibility to run the meeting and assign duties to committee members if needed.
  • It is Campus Recreation’s responsibility to record meeting notes, compile, and distribute meeting minutes via email to committee members within one week of the meeting.


Applicants must be enrolled students or employed faculty/staff at Western Oregon University.

How to Apply

Students, faculty or staff desiring to be a part of the Advisory Committee need to email for an application. Applications become available at the start of fall academic term and the selection process will during the month of October for the upcoming year. Current members are always strongly encouraged to re-apply. All applications will need to be turned into the Health and Wellness Center front desk during fall recruitment. Email, personal connections, an electronic advertisement indicating applications are being accepted will be displayed during the fall term.

Committee Past Structure

The Campus Recreation Advisory Committee has made adjustments over its history to its internal membership to best fit the student’s voice and representation. The changes are listed here. 2011, 2013, 2017, 2019.

2021-2022 Meeting minutes