• The current WOU Community member must be present at the time of payment for guest to be allowed entrance.
  • HWC staff reserves the right to deny access to a guest.
  • Members may sponsor up to 2 adult guests to join them in the facilities per day. See Youth Access Hours for youth access.
  • Non-WOU Community members are not permitted to solicit students or members to sponsor access into the facility.
  • The member is fully responsible for their guests. Failure to follow member guidelines and responsibilities will result in loss of privileges of the facility. No refunds will be given.
  • Intentional destruction of property by any guest or member will be charged to the sponsoring member for the amount equal to replacement of the property.

Age Classification Fees* Reduced for Summer 2021 only Payment Methods
Guest Pass (Ages 16+) $6 daily use Cash/check at HWC front desk
Dependent (Ages 0-15)

*see Youth Access Guidelines for time restrictions

$3 per visit per person

Assumption of Risk

  • Regardless of the activity, all participants must understand they are assuming the risk when they take part in an active recreation program.
  • Each person must be aware of this assumption of risk and recognize that his or her participation is voluntary.
  • Each participant also has a responsibility to use prudent and ordinary care in his or her actions.
  • These risks could include but are not limited to muscle cramps, nausea, fainting, abnormal blood pressure, chest discomfort, and even death.
  • Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participation in any recreational and fitness activities.


  • For entry to facility and events, members must have a current WOU or HWC ID card or have purchased a guest pass.
  • Spectators are allowed to enter the facility free of charge to observe participants in scheduled, fee-based, non-academic instructional or sports programs.
  • Entry may be refused or privileges suspended or revoked with sufficient cause.
  • Individuals using an ID other than their own to gain access to the Health and Wellness Center may have privileges suspended for both the individual using the false ID and the valid member.

Campus Recreation

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