Legislation refers to the official documents the ASWOU Senate uses to exercise is authority and advocate for change. There are two forms of legislation used by the body: Bills and Resolutions.

Senate Bills (SB) are used for changes and additions to the Governing Documents of ASWOU. This includes our Constitution, By-Laws, and Statues for Chartered Organizations. Bills are subject to a three week review period. This means to these documents cannot be voted on until at least the third meeting of the ASWOU Senate in which they are on the agenda.

Senate Resolutions (SR) are used to advocate for change around campus and in our community. Resolutions are generally utilized to request departments around campus to hear student voices and change policy, reconsider methods used in delivering their services, or to add something new to better serve students. These documents can also be used to show student support for any given initiative. Resolutions are subject to a two-week timeline, meaning that they cannot be voted on until at least their second meeting being on a Senate agenda.

All ASWOU Senators are required to sponsor at least one piece of legislation each term. Any student, however, can write legislation and request that a Senator sponsors it for official review. Anyone with an initiative or concern can also request to come before the ASWOU Senate to present and request Senate action/support. If you would like to come before the Senate, want a sponsor for something you wrote, or would like help writing legislation, please email the ASWOU Senate President at aswousenpres@mail.wou.edu .




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