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The Legislative branch of ASWOU is made up of the ASWOU Senate. The Senate is made up of 15 voting senators, a voting RHA (Residence Hall Association) representative, and the Senate President who can only vote in the case of a tie. The Senate members are there to represent the collective voice of students on and off-campus regarding stances on policies, procedures, the ASWOU By-Laws/Constitution etc.

The Senate President is the head of the Legislative Branch of ASWOU. The current Senate President is Abran Garibay The Senate President facilitates the ASWOU Senate. The Senate President represents the Senate at Executive Cabinet and Judicial Board meetings, as well as recruits members of the student body to the ASWOU Senate. The Senate President is in charge of planning meeting places/times and working with Senate leadership. The Senate President is a resource to Senators, as well as any and all students. The Senate President also attends the Incidental Fee Committee to represent student opinion but does not have a vote.


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