Meet your ASWOU Executive Cabinet!

The Executive Branch consists of the President and Vice President. These two positions are elected by the Western Oregon University student body. Executive Cabinet is hired as the ASWOU President deems it necessary. The basic function of the Executive Cabinet is to assist the President in meeting the needs of the students and amplifying their voices. The positions are set up to address the concerns and needs that are expressed by students on campus and may vary from year to year.

ASWOU President | Kodee Harwood| she/her/hers | |503.838.8555

The ASWOU President is the head of the Executive Branch. Elected by their peers, the President serves a full academic year and can only serve another year if re-elected in the spring. The primary job of the ASWOU President is to represent the students of Western Oregon University to not only the WOU administration but at a local/state/federal level as well. 

On top of advocating for the rights of students, the President is responsible for the inter-workings of ASWOU. They select any Executive Cabinet members, attend Senate and Judicial Board meetings, appoint students to committees across the campus, as well as sit on MANY themselves, serve on the Oregon Student Association’s Board of Governors, and have a running list of other various duties.

ASWOU Vice President | Hunter Hall| he/him/his  |

The ASWOU Vice President is the second individual responsible for the ASWOU organization after the ASWOU President. The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President as necessary. In addition, the Vice President works internally (on the WOU campus) to ensure students have the best possible education and life at Western.

Chief of Staff | TBD|   |

The ASWOU Chief of Staff acts as a supervisor to the other positions within the Executive Cabinet, in addition to being a supporting staff member to all cabinet positions. Through weekly meetings, this position will ensure programming is being done properly and help in the development of program ideas. This position will also act as a liaison between the Executive Cabinet and the ASWOU President and Vice President.

Basic Job Requirements:

– Hold weekly one-on-one meetings with ASWOU Executive Cabinet

– Ensure successful programming

– Ensure the cabinet has the necessary materials

– Run the ASWOU book exchange

Director of Business & Finance |TBD| |

The ASWOU Director of Business and Finance is responsible for all financial activity within ASWOU and its chartered clubs and organizations. This position is tasked with accurately maintaining records of all ASWOU budgets and communicating financial information to responsible parties. They also act upon requests for monies from ASWOU and its chartered organizations. This position ensures all state and university policies are being upheld and advocates for proper access and use of student fees. This director is also responsible for preparing and presenting the ASWOU budget to the Incidental Fee Committee (IFC).
Basic Job Requirements:

– Review and process club financial paperwork

– Present the ASWOU Budget to the Incidental Fee Committee (IFC)

– Make financial recommendations about the ASWOU budget to the President

Director of Student Organizations | TBD |   |

The ASWOU Director of Student Organization is responsible for overseeing all ASWOU chartered organizations. This position acts as a liaison between ASWOU and these organizations, helps provide training on policies and best practices, assists in the chartering process, and aids in the success of all ASWOU chartered organizations. This position is designed to enhance the relationship with student organizations and their advisors.  This position also oversees the student org lounge.
Basic Job Requirements:

– Liaison between ASWOU and all student organizations

– Provide training for club officers

– Review all club constitutions and policies

– Oversee the Student Org lounge

Director of State & Federal Affairs | TBD |  |

The ASWOU Director of State and Federal Affairs is responsible for ASWOU’s relationship with legislators in the capital and for bringing information regarding political issues affecting students to WOU’s campus. This position will require the student to work on campus, state, and as part of national campaigns. Work will focus on issues affecting WOU students and their rights. This position works directly with the Oregon Student Association (OSA), a coalition of public universities and community colleges, as a member of their Board of Directors to aid in accomplishing goals. 

Basic Job Requirements:

– Sits on the Board of Governors with the ASWOU President and represents WOU at the Oregon Student Association (OSA)

– Attend monthly OSA meetings

– Oversees the VOTE team and any other OSA projects/campaigns

Director of Multicultural Advocacy | TBD| |

The ASWOU Director of Multicultural Advocacy is responsible for advocating on behalf of multicultural students and increasing awareness and education on the issues and benefits surrounding multicultural diversity. This position is responsible for promoting cultural diversity on campus and serves as a liaison between ASWOU and the many diverse ASWOU Chartered Student Organizations and departments on campus. This position also works with the Oregon Student Association (OSA), a coalition of public universities and community colleges, and sits on the Oregon Students of Color Coalition Board (OSCC). 

Basic Job Requirements:

– Attend all OSA Meetings and sit on the Oregon Students of Color Coalition Board (OSCC)

– Bring decisions/conversations back to WOU campus from all OSA meetings

– Plan termly event focused on cultural awareness/issues

Director of Equity | TBD |

The ASWOU Director of Equity is responsible for advocating for conversations about and action against the unequal treatment of students at Western Oregon University with emphasis on the LGBTQ population and their allies, and accessibility issues. They will serve as a liaison between ASWOU and the Oregon Student Association (OSA) by sitting on the Oregon Students Equal Rights Alliance board (OSERA). This position is responsible for increasing awareness and for the education of students on the issues and benefits surrounding gender and sexual diversity. This position will work closely with the Stonewall Center, the Veteran’s Resource Center, and Office of Disability Services. 

Basic Job Requirements:

– Attend all OSA meetings and sit on the Oregon Students of Equal Rights Alliance (OSERA)

– Bring decisions/conversations back to WOU campus from all OSA meetings

– Plan termly events focus on Equal Rights and Accessibility issues

Director of Public Relations | TBD |  |

The ASWOU Director of Public Relations is responsible for connecting ASWOU to WOU students at large. As the lead advertiser in the office, this position is to work collaboratively with the other ASWOU Cabinet Members to ensure that all aspects of student needs are being addressed in their events. Through news updates, official statements, and other platforms, this position will distribute information about and encourage students to participate in ASWOU, clubs and organizations, and their activities/initiatives.

Basic Job Requirements:

– Promote ASWOU through many different channels (events, newspaper, social media, etc.)

– Maintain ASWOU Social Media outlets

– Photograph students participating in ASWOU activities

 ASWOU Secretary | TBD |  |

The ASWOU Secretary attends the weekly meetings of all three ASWOU Branches: Executive, Senate, and Judicial. Attendance is also expected at all emergency meetings held within these branches. This position will also attend monthly meetings of the ASWOU Representative Assembly, and be responsible for the minutes of the three boards therein. This position is responsible for typing the minutes of these meetings accurately and in accordance with Oregon Public Meeting Law.
Basic Job Requirements:

– Take accurate minutes of all ASWOU meetings


a. All ASWOU Government members shall be in good academic standing.

i. Good academic standing is defined as a 2.25 GPA, both in the current term and cumulative.




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