Grant Personnel

This grant supports the creation of regional peer mentoring networks aimed at decreasing barriers to advancement faced by mid-career women STEM faculty at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs), and to drive institutional transformation nationwide. Project personnel includes the Steering Committee (PI, Co-PIs, and Senior Personnel) that coordinate participant recruitment, organize participant meetings, disseminate outcomes, and develop tools and resources for use by other institutions (Figure 1). Work by the Steering Committee is supported by an External Advisory Committee and the external evaluator, Education Development Center (EDC). The Project Participants include female faculty and administrators from PUIs in three different geographic regions within the United States (West, Midwest, and Southeast). Each region will recruit 25 – 30 participants which will be divided into 4 – 5 person alliances based on faculty subject areas or administrator roles (Figure 1).

Figure 1: ASCEND Organizational Chart. Each Alliance has 4-5 participants.

Steering Committee

External Advisory Committee

External Evaluator

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