Students of painting begin by working from observation – exploring still life, landscape, the figure, and self-portraiture. This focus on traditional subject matter helps develop a solid base of fundamental skills and techniques that benefit any style or method a painter wishes to pursue.

landscape1   instudio   encaustic
Landscape painting                                   In the Studio                            Encaustic painting 

As students progress through the program, they explore a range of contemporary styles and methods and develop personal conceptual frameworks. Projects in the intermediate level explore a great variety of methods including oil, acrylic, mixed media/collage, and encoustic (wax) painting.

Community interaction and group critiques are an integral part of studio art classes. Communicating with other students throughout the progression of a work helps students solve problems by increasing the flow of ideas. Group critiques help students learn art-related vocabulary and encourage them to articulate their opinions and sensibilities in a conscious and constructive format.

Advanced students begin to create a mature portfolio of work. Senior students present their artwork in a campus gallery as part of the capstone course for art majors.


Student Work

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