Interactive Media

Students of Interactive Media at Western Oregon University:

  • Gain valuable skills in web design, including layout, graphics, user experience, and coding
  • Apply art and design concepts to challenging projects using powerful technologies
  • Prepare for a wide range of careers (interactive media and web design are crucial to nearly every aspect of society, including business, government, entertainment, and art)
  • Learn strategies for self-directed skill-building to keep gaining new abilities after graduation and for the rest of their lives
  • Practice design process and research to address the unique context and audience of each applied project
  • Experiment with the capabilities of digital media to create engaging works of art
  • Think critically about the internet and its impacts on the world

Interactive Media courses focus art and design concepts on digital forms of communication. Students develop practical web design skills and techniques in a highly supportive learning environment. They learn to construct responsive user interfaces, employ typography and graphics to convey information effectively, and build expressive interactive artworks. Through applied project work, students create a wide range of websites. Advanced projects extend to mobile devices and digital media installations. Readings and discussions provide crucial knowledge in theory and history of digital art and design, and explore the internet’s vital role in contemporary culture.

VCD majors either complete the Graphic Design series before taking Interactive Media or enroll in both at the same time. Interactive Media course numbers: A323, A324, A325.