Art History

The art history curriculum at Western Oregon University provides students with the opportunity to study the history of art in a variety of cultural, historical, and critical contexts. In addition to enriching students’ studies of art, courses in art history will help students to be more competitive in applying to graduate art and art history programs, and in entering professional fields related to the history of art (which might include teaching at a college or university, working in a gallery or museum, joining the staff of an auction house, working in the field of visual resource management, becoming an art dealer, conservator, archivist, historic preservationist, tour guide, or art critic).


At the 200 level (A 204, A 205, A 206), students are introduced to painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, and new media in both the Western and non-Western traditions, from the Ancient world to the Contemporary era. These 200-level classes also qualify as general education courses for the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC).


At the 300 level (A 304, A 305, A 306), students focus on the history of modern and contemporary art, covering the major artistic movements and artists in Europe and the United States while engaging critical issues and comparative methods of interpretation, from the late 18th century to the present.


At the 400 level (A 404, A 405, A 406), students have an opportunity to explore a wide variety of writing-intensive topics courses dealing with artists, movements, and other forms of visual culture from both the Western and non-Western worlds. These advanced 400-level courses also fulfill the writing-intensive requirement of the general education program, and some, depending on the topic, also fulfill the cultural diversity requirement.


Currently, the Art Department offers a minor in Art History. Please consult the course catalog for specific information regarding the Art History minor as it pertains to different majors.





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