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Learning Seminar is a one (1) credit course required for all students who have been Academically Suspended and then reinstated to the university. This course must be taken in the term in which the student is reinstated and must be passed, along with a 2.0 term GPA overall in the term, in order to avoid a second suspension. Please refer to the university’s Academic Standing Policies for more information about Academic Suspension.

This one credit course, completed over 5 weeks, covers a variety of academic and decision-making topics designed to improve academic performance. These topics include:

  • Factors that contribute to academic success, including self-awareness, motivation, and study skills
  • Developing an understanding about individual responsibilities and emotional intelligence
  • Developing and sharing techniques for academic success including time management, goal setting, critical thinking, and writing skills.
  • Learning how to use the knowledge above in life after college

Learning Seminar is also designed to help students who are returning from Academic Suspension identify reasons for their prior academic struggles, support students in their academic achievements and personal reflections, and help them pursue their educational goals.

All assignments for Learning Seminar must be submitted through Canvas. For more information, please contact the Student Success and Advising office at 503-838-8428 or