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The Learning Seminar is a two (2) credit course required for all students who have been Academically Suspended and then reinstated to the university. This course must be taken in the term which the student is reinstated and must be successfully completed. Failure to complete the Learning Seminar results in the re-suspension of the student. Please refer to the universities Academic Standing Policy for more information about Academic Suspension.

This two credit course, completed over 5 weeks, covers a variety of academic and decision making skills designed to improve academic performance. These skills include:

  • Accepting Personal Responsibility
  • Discovering Self-Motivation
  • Mastering Self-Management
  • Employing Interdependence
  • Gaining Self-Awareness
  • Adopting Lifelong Learning
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

This course follows the textbook ‘On Course’ created by Skip Downing.

The Learning Seminar will also detail university policies including how to get back into Good Academic Standing, implications for Financial Aid, and process for retaking courses to improve GPA.

For more information contact the instructor(s) of the course in the Student Success and Advising office.




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