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Our goal is to help Western students acquire and maintain skills necessary to become confident, successful college students.

Peer Tutor

Job description

Tutors provide academic assistance to other students. Appointments are usually one-on-one for 30 to 60 minute intervals. Although tutors do NOT do a student’s homework or assignments, they work to increase understanding and improve the skills of the students they work with.

Depending on your subject area, you may:

  • Work on problems and procedures that students have difficulty with.
  • Practice language skills.
  • Work on improving study skills like note taking, textbook reading, studying for tests, time management, etc.
  • Assist students in classes that are LACC requirements to graduate.
  • Work with one or several students, for a single session or continuously throughout the term.

Tutors will encourage students to participate in class, utilize their professors outside of class, read their syllabus and assignments thoroughly, and to ask questions if they don’t understand. The goal of tutoring is to foster student independence, help students help themselves by stimulating active learning and building confidence in their own abilities.


  • Peer-tutors need to have completed at least 36 or more college-level credits (24 semester hours).
  • Peer-tutors must be dependable, and on time.
  • Peer-tutors are required to tutor in at least two subject areas in order to be considered for hire (EXAMPLE: Individual can tutor in American Sign Language and also 100-level Communication courses.)
  • Peer-tutors must have an overall 3.0 GPA with A’s and B’s (no lower than a 3.30) in the courses they wish to tutor.
  • Peer-tutors need to be in Good Academic Standing and Good Judicial Standing.
  • Peer-tutors need to have good communication skills, as well as be sensitive and flexible to work with a diverse student population.

Salary – the choices for tutor compensation are:

  1. Work-Study – It is mandatory for tutors to qualify for work-study money in order to be compensated via this opportunity.
  2. Hourly – Hourly wages begin at $10.25 (Oregon minimum wage). Peer-tutors will be paid hourly according to the amount of tutoring appointments they have.
  3. Academic Credit – Peer-tutors can earn 1 to 3 hours of credit per term. For each credit hour, the peer-tutor must be available to tutor 2 hours per week. Interested students should contact a faculty advisor in the area tutored, fill out a “By Arrangement” form, and turn it in to the Registrar. The faculty advisor will decide whether there will be any special project or evaluation attached to the experience. Credit is usually a 400 level practicum.
  4. ICSP – Some international students have a scholarship that requires doing community service. In this case, tutoring fits that requirement.
  5. Volunteer – Some students don’t desire monetary or credit compensation, and choose to volunteer. It is a valuable experience to reinforce subject knowledge, practice communication and teaching skills, and it looks great on a resume.

Peer-tutors typically schedule 2-6 hours a week in which they are available for appointments. If they find there is a greater need from students and have more time available, they may expand their hours. Peer-tutors are paid for the hours they actually work with students and fully log in WCS. Hours are not guaranteed. Attendance will be required for some meetings and trainings. Typically peer-tutors are paid for these meetings and/or trainings. Last-minute, emergency appointments, or appointment available outside of the hours of peer-tutor availability can be made but only by the peer-tutor themselves. If peer-tutors find that a student is requesting last minute appointments, they should never feel obligated to say yes to that appointment time; however, it is up to the peer-tutor to say yes or no. Should they decide they would like to do a last-minute appointment that has not been scheduled through WCS, peer-tutors are still required to submit reports regarding the meeting so that hours are still being logged and calculated for that peer-tutor.


Student Success and Advising’s peer-tutoring program is always looking for qualified peer-tutors. If students or current peer-tutors know of a fellow student that they think would be excellent for the program, and fulfills the above requirements, they could be considered for hire. It is recommended individuals direct that prospective peer-tutor to the Student Success and Advising office. Becoming a peer-tutor involves several steps. There are also basic requirements that tutors must uphold and maintain in order to be hired. However, need can arise to hire peer-tutors throughout the term, based on the outcome of courses and student need. During the term at any time, any student can request a peer-tutor for a specific course. Tutoring requests can be made by logging into WCS. When scheduling a tutoring appointment through WCS, if there isn’t a tutor available for that course, students can request one. These requests are then forwarded directly to the Tutoring Coordinator, who will then reach out to that course’s department, seeking a peer-tutor to assist in that course.

To download a Peer Tutoring Application, select this link: Tutor Application 2019-2020 (Fillable)