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Freshman Registration and SOAR

Once you have been officially admitted to WOU, you will begin to receive mailings from the Admissions Office, which begins your process at WOU. One of those mailings will be information about SOAR.


SOAR refers to Western Oregon University’s Summer Orientation, Advising, and Registration program for admitted freshmen. At SOAR, freshmen can take the math placement test, attend academic advising with faculty, complete the registration process for fall term courses, learn about valuable campus resources, and receive their student ID cards. SOAR is highly recommended by the Student Success and Advising office.

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How many courses should I take?

If you want to attend full-time, you must be registered between 12-20 credits. If you are on financial aid, or are an international student, or a student athlete, you must register for at least 12 credits. As a FIRST TERM FRESHMAN, you should look to register for between 14-16 credits. You will have activities outside of class, which takes time and effort, therefore, we do not want you to overload yourself in your first term. Enrolling as a full time student usually equals between 3 and 5 classes.




Student Success and Advising

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