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Each year Western Oregon University recognizes one faculty advisor and one staff advisor, voted on by the WOU student body, for excellence in academic advising.

Faculty Advisor of the Year

Year Winner Office/Department
2020 Dr. Margaret Manoogian Gerontology
2019 Dr. Brooke Nott Psychology
2018 Vacant Vacant
2017 Dr. Jaime Cloud Psychology
2016 Ms. Kara Gournaris ASL/English Interpreting
2015 Dr. Gavin Keulks English
2014 Dr. Arlene Courtney Chemistry
2013 Dr. Lauren Roscoe Psychology/Gerontology
2012 Dr. Karie Mize College of Education
2011 Dr. Stephen Taylor Earth Science
2010 Dr. Bryan Dutton Biology
2009 Dr. Marita Cardinal Heath/PE
2008 Dr. Kevin Walczyk Music
2007 Dr. Michael LeMaster Biology
2006 Dr. Tamina Toray Psychology
2005 Dr. Mark Henkels Political Science
2004 Dr. Kimberly Jensen History
2003 Dr. Robert Martin Communication Studies

Staff Advisor of the Year

Year Winner Office/Department
2019 Kathy Witwer Business/Economics



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