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The Academic Success Course is a two (2) credit course designed to develop strategies necessary for success at the university level.

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Discover personally effective tools to manage time and utilize those strategies in daily life.
  2. Self-assess strengths/weaknesses, analyze thoughts and insights, and develop a personalized plan for the future.
  3. Learn and develop personally effective learning strategies such as studying, test-taking, and note-taking.
  4. Think critically and communicate effectively with peers and professors.
  5. Calculate, identify, and construct personal and professional goals that are applicable to their future success and imminent endeavors.
  6. Identify, access, and utilize resources across Western’s campus.
  1. Be able to successfully present 5-10 minute presentations on a topic of their choosing.

For more information contact the instructor(s) of the course in the Student Success and Advising office.



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