Transfer Orientation

Transfer Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (TSOAR)


All registration and orientation has gone remote. Below you will find many helpful videos and information about certain departments. In addition, please follow these steps in order to get started at Western Oregon University.

  1.  Join the WOU Network: We have partnered with a company that is helping us with our online orientation. You should have received an email with information on how to join, but if you have not received this, please contact David Compton (
  2. Once you are in the WOU Network, explore and be sure to join the “All Things Transfer” community. You will find it to be very helpful in your transition to WOU.
  3. If you haven’t registered for classes for this fall just yet, you can still do so. Please follow these instructions to get started:
    -Set up your WOU Portal at
    -After logging into your Portal, click on the following link to go through the Transfer Orientation Modules. They will be your guide in how to register for classes:
  4. Connect with your advisor and register for classes. Within your modules you will find contact information for advisors depending on your major. Connect with them to find the classes you will need fall term. As part of the modules you will also find instructions on how to physically register for classes.
  5. Advising and course registration support events for new students are scheduled on July 29 and August 26. Advisors will be available via Zoom to answer your questions and assist you with registering for fall term courses. If you wish to participate in one of the events, please register at

Please contact us if you have questions. 503-838-8211 or

Information on demand

IMPORTANT: TSOAR Orientation Modules

Contact for questions: Niki Weight

President’s Welcome

Contact for questions: President’s Office | 

One Student’s Journey to WOU

PLUS Team: Out of State Student Panel

Contact for questions: Megan Habermann-Guthrie | | 503-838-8659

Password: 6M.@7q1L

PLUS Team: Students of Color Panel

Contact for questions: Megan Habermann-Guthrie | | 503-838-8659

Password: 0E.&1d@?

PLUS Team: Transfer Student Panel

Contact for questions: Megan Habermann-Guthrie | | 503-838-8659

Password: 9Q+^^=6d

Hamersly Library Informational Video

Contact for questions: Hamersly Library | | 503-838-8418

Child Development Center

Contact for questions: Tammy Gardner | | 503-838-8238

Student Success and Advising Presentation

Contact for questions: Student Success and Advising | | 503-838-8428

Business Office and How to Pay

Contact for questions: Business Office |

Criminal Justice Overview

Contact for questions: Criminal Justice Office | | (503)838-8733

Financial Aid Presentation

Contact for questions: Financial Aid Office | | 503-838-8475

Office of Disability Services Presentation

Contact for questions: Office of Disability Services | | 503-838-8250
(Google Hangout Available, please email ODS)

AAOT vs Non-AAOT Presentation

Contact for questions: Dr. Kristin Mauro | | 503-838-8732

Housing Presentation

Contact for questions: Housing Office | | 503-838-8311

Student Enrichment Program (SEP/TRIO)

Contact for questions: Marshall Guthrie-Habermann | | 503-838-8168

Housing Tour

Contact for questions: Housing Office | | 503-838-8311

Multicultural Student Services and Programs

Contact for questions: MSSP | | 503-838-8737

Service Learning and Career Development

Contact for questions: Service Learning and Career Development | | 503-838-8432

Non-Traditional Student Panel

Contact for questions: Chelsee Blatner | | 503-838-8647

Campus Recreation

Contact for questions: Campus Recreation | | 503-838-9530

Live Events

Student ID Cards

By appointment between May 5 and May 22

Contact for questions: Werner University Center Information Desk | | 503-838-8261

* You will have the option to have your ID card mailed to you, or you can wait to pick it up from the Werner University Center in the fall.
** Photo must be similar to a passport photo.

Three ways to access*:

  1. Schedule a Zoom appointment through Calendly.
  2. Email for instructions on how to send in your own photo.**
  3. Wait until you are on campus in the fall.

Curious about placement into math, biology, writing or language courses? Please visit our FAQs and scroll down to the placement tests section.

Transfer students admitted for terms other than fall should contact their academic adviser and register for classes according to the academic calendar rather than attending TSOAR.

For more information, contact Admissions at 503-838-8211 or 877-877-1593, option 1.

Placement tests during TSOAR

Placement for Math courses

All WOU students are required to complete a foundational skills level mathematics course  (MTH 105, MTH 110, MTH 111, MTH 112, both MTH 211 and MTH 212, or above). Please consult your major program requirements, an advisor or Dr. Matthew Ciancetta, Mathematics Department Head, at for assistance selecting a course. Students who wish to register for a math course can use their AP/IB math score, CLEP credit, or prior college credit for initial placement purposes.

Students without these forms of credit must complete the ALEKS Math Assessment online through the WOU Portal prior to SOAR. We recommend visiting to prepare for the ALEKS Math Assessment. If the link for ALEKS is not available under the “My Programs” menu in your Portal, please contact Annika Thompson at or by phone at 503-838-9407. Alternatively, students may show competency by scoring 61 or higher on the ALEKS Math Assessment, earned in a proctored and timed testing environment (see for more information).

Placement for French, German or Spanish courses

Studying a language is required for certain majors as well as Bachelor of Arts degrees. One key to success in a language is to enroll in the class that matches your skill level. If you are new to the language, enroll in the first-year, 101 level. If you averaged a grade of “B” or better in two years of high school language, you may be able to enroll in the second-year series beginning with 201. If you averaged a “B” or better in four years of a high school language, you may already have met the language requirement for the major and the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Students who wish to register for a language course can use their AP/IB language score, CLEP credit or previous college credit for initial placement purposes. Students without these must complete a language placement test before SOAR if they would like to enroll in a 102-level course or above. Placement tests are available at the links below.




Placement for American Sign Language courses

Transfer students with prior college credit for ASL will conduct an online evaluation with our faculty before registering for courses.

Faculty will conduct evaluations for course placement at the June 27, July 17, and August 27 SOAR programs. If you have not completed high school or college level ASL courses, an evaluation is not necessary. In the event our SOAR programs are delivered online than in-person due to COVID-19, evaluations will be conducted online.  

Placement for Writing courses

All WOU students are required to complete WR 121 and WR 122. Most students begin with and will be placed into WR 121. Students can use their ACT/SAT scores, AP/IB English Language score, Smarter Balanced score, Essential Skills score, CLEP credit, or prior college credit for placement purposes. Placement information can be found: Any student may challenge their placement by taking the challenge exam during new student week at the start of the Fall Term. Freshmen without these scores or forms of credit should contact Dr. Leigh Graziano, Director of First-Year Writing at

Placement for Biology courses

Placement into Biology 211 is required for students majoring in these fields:

  • Biology
  • Certain pre-professional health science areas (Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Medicine, Clinical Lab Science, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant or Veterinary Medicine)
  • Certain chemistry concentrations (environmental, forensic or medicinal/pharmacology)
  • Certain Teacher Education programs with a middle level/high school authorization (biology, chemistry or integrated science)

Students in these majors can use their ALEKS math placement score, SAT/ACT math section score, AP/IB Biology score, previous Biology 102 college credit (B grade or higher), or previous Math 111 college credit (C grade or higher) for placement purposes.

Students in all other majors, including Pre-Nursing and Exercise Science, do not require placement into Biology 211.