Tag Agreements

Transfer admission guarantees for California Community College students

WOU maintains Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) with a number of community colleges throughout California. In order to gain admission to WOU as a transfer student, applicants must:

  • Complete at least 24 transferable college-level semester credits
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.25 in all college-level coursework attempted
  • Be in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing at all previous colleges attended
  • Complete the following English and math course equivalents with grades of C- or better:
    • Cerritos College: English 100, Math 112 or higher
    • Chaffey College: English 1B, Math 25 or higher
    • Citrus College: English 101, Math 170 or higher
    • Fullerton College: English 100F, Math 100F or higher
    • Glendale Community College: English 101, any transferable math class (click here for details)
    • Golden West College: English 100, Math 100 or higher
    • Los Angeles City College: English 101, Math 215 or higher
    • Mt. San Antonio College: English 1A, Math 100 or higher
    • Orange Coast College: English A100, Math A115 or higher
    • Pasadena City College: English 1A, any transferable math class (click here for details)
    • Pierce College: English 101, Math 140 or higher
    • Rio Hondo Community College: English 101, Math 120 or higher
    • Riverside City College: English 1A, Math 1A or higher
    • Saddleback College: English 1B, Math 7 or higher
    • San Bernardino Valley College: English 101, Math 102 or higher
    • Santa Barbara City College: English 110, any transferable math class (click here for details)
    • Santa Monica College: English 1 and 2, any transferable math class (click here for details)
    • Santa Rosa Junior College: English 1A, Math 25 or higher
    • Santiago Canyon College: English 101, Math 140 or higher
    • All other California community colleges: Contact maurok@wou.edu for specific English and math course equivalents.

In addition to these requirements, students are encouraged to complete the IGETC or CSU GE. Please visit this webpage or contact maurok@wou.edu to determine specific requirements for your major/minor.