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Freshman Orientation

Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) is intended for admitted freshmen. Transfer students who are unable to attend TSOAR and are not registered for courses are invited to participate in SOAR.

After you register for a virtual SOAR date, you will also want to join the WOU Network! On the WOU Network you can receive advising and registration support, learn more about campus programs and resources, meet fellow new students, and connect with members of the WOU community! An invitation to join the WOU Network will be sent to your WOU email.

Information on Demand

Business Office and How to Pay

Contact for questions: Business Office |

Campus Recreation

Contact for questions: Campus Recreation | | 503-838-9530

Financial Aid Office

Contact for questions: Financial Aid Office | | 503-838-8475

Hamersly Library

Contact for questions: Hamersly Library | | 503-838-8418

Multicultural Student Services and Programs

Contact for questions: MSSP | | 503-838-8737

Office of Disability Services Presentation

Contact for questions: Office of Disability Services | | 503-838-8250
(Google Hangout Available, please email ODS)

Service Learning and Career Development

Contact for questions: Service Learning and Career Development | | 503-838-8432

SOAR: Parent Transitions

Contact for questions: Dr. Kristin Mauro | | 503-838-8732

Student Enrichment Program (SEP/TRIO)

Contact for questions: Marshall Guthrie-Habermann | | 503-838-8168 |

A student is eligible to apply for SEP services if they have a minimum of 1 of the 3 characteristics listed here:

First-Generation: This means that none of the student’s legal guardians has a 4-year college degree. A student’s legal guardian, for instance, could be their biological parents. Low-Income: This is based on family household size and state of residence. A student must complete a FAFSA or ORSAA financial aid application to qualify as low-income. Having a Disability: If a student receives accommodations through WOU’s Office of Disability Services, they would qualify under this criteria.

*An important note: We want to highlight that we offer sections of FYS 107 and FYS 207 that
are tuition-remitted for SEP students. That means that unless you have reached your maximum-allowable remissions at WOU, you will be reimbursed for the tuition cost of those classes if you take the section designated “SEP” in the title. The video above was created for a transfer student event, which is why only the Transfer Course offerings were highlighted.

SEP English Flier icon   SEP Spanish flier thumbnail

Student Success and Advising

Contact for questions: Student Success and Advising | | 503-838-8428

Transitioning to WOU Parent Panel

Contact for questions: Student Engagement |  | 503-838-8261

University Housing

Contact for questions: University Housing | | 503-838-8311

Housing Tour

Housing Presentation

Live Events!

Transitioning to WOU for Parents (Spanish)
Transición a  la Universidad de Western Oregon para padres

Zoom icon ZOOM MEETING | Password: 439426

Contact for questions: PLUS Team |

Transitioning to WOU for Parents (English)

Zoom icon ZOOM MEETING | Password: 664165

Contact for questions: PLUS Team |

Admissions Counselor Appointments 

Admissions counselors are available by appointment to meet with future WOU Wolves and their families. Counselors can answer your questions regarding admission requirements, the application process, academic programs, scholarships, and university housing. Please visit our counselor page and click on a counselor profile to schedule a future appointment.

Placement Tests during SOAR?

Placement for Math courses

Students who wish to register for a math course can use their AP/IB math score, CLEP credit or previous college credit for initial placement purposes.

Students without an AP/IB math score, CLEP credit or previous college credit may or may not need to complete the ALEKS Math Assessment:

Placement for French, German or Spanish courses

Studying a language is required for certain majors as well as Bachelor of Arts degrees. One key to success in a language is to enroll in the class that matches your skill level. If you are new to the language, enroll in the first-year, 101 level. If you averaged a grade of “B” or better in two years of high school language, you may be able to enroll in the second-year series beginning with 201. If you averaged a “B” or better in four years of a high school language, you may already have met the language requirement for the major and the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Students who wish to register for a language course can use their AP/IB language score, CLEP credit or previous college credit for initial placement purposes. Students without these must complete a language placement test before SOAR if they would like to enroll in a 102-level course or above. Placement tests are available at the links below.




Placement for American Sign Language courses

Students who are new to American Sign Language should register for ASL 101. If you have previous experience with ASL and wish to enroll in a higher level course for fall term, you must complete a virtual assessment with WOU’s ASL faculty prior to registering for courses.

Virtual assessments will conducted from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on June 18 and June 21. Students are required to schedule their assessment time by contacting Lyra Behnke at

Placement for Writing courses

All WOU students are required to complete WR 121 and WR 122. Most students should begin in WR 121. Students can use their ACT/SAT scores, AP/IB English Language score, Smarter Balanced score, Essential Skills score, CLEP credit, or prior college credit to place into WR 122. Placement information can be found: Any student may take the challenge exam at the start of the fall term to test out of either WR 121 or 122; however, it is strongly recommended that freshmen complete both courses. New students without these scores or forms of credit should contact Dr. Leigh Graziano, Director of First-Year Writing at

Placement for Biology courses

Biology 211 is required for students majoring in one of the following fields:

  • Biology
  • Certain pre-professional health science areas (e.g., Dentistry, Medicine, Clinical Lab Science, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, or Veterinary Medicine)
  • Certain chemistry major concentrations (e.g., environmental, forensic, or medicinal/pharmacology)
  • Certain Teacher Education majors with a middle level/high school authorization (biology, chemistry, or integrated science)

To place into BI 211, students can use their ALEKS math placement score, ACT/SAT math section score (placement into Math 112 or higher), AP/IB Biology score*, prior Biology 102 college credit (B grade or higher), or prior Math 111 college credit (C grade or higher) for initial placement purposes.

*AP score of 3 or IB Biology Standard or High Level score of 4. Note that an AP score of 4 or higher or an IB Biology Standard or High level score of 5 or greater will place a student beyond BI 211.