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In the American Sign Language/English Interpreting program, you will gain the skills you need to enter the workforce as a professional interpreter. Your classes will include language development, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, education and professional practices, as well as interpreting theory, technique and the application of knowledge and skills to interpreting performance.

credits required for the American Sign Language/English Interpreting major beyond second year ASL

students enrolled in the American Sign Language/English Interpreting program

students per class on average in the American Sign Language/English Interpreting Program


of students are assigned multiple advisers devoted to guiding them through their four years at WOU

Sample four-year degree plan

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the academic foundation and world knowledge essential to effective interpreting
  • Analyze communication situations and apply appropriate problem solving approaches as needed
  • Interpret accurately between American Sign Language and English and collaborate effectively in a variety of settings and across a range of subject matter

Career opportunities

  • In-house interpreter for a corporation
  • Interpreter in government settings
  • Medical/Mental health interpreter
  • Interpreter in performing arts settings
  • Social services interpreter for underserved populations



Instructor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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Professor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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Professor, Division Chair, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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Instructor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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