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How is WOU using TK20?

  • The College of Education uses TK20 for a variety of assessment and accreditation related activities.
  • Faculty PLCs for ULO Assessment are using TK20 to do juried review of student work so that we can better understand the opportunities our students have to demonstrate their skills and their achievement levels
  • The WOU Strategic Plan is being built into TK20 so that, as units develop their own action plans, the plans can be aligned with the institution’s overall direction.
  • Program-level assessment plans, results/data, and action plans are being submitted and stored in Tk20.
  • In 2018 and 2019, we used the Accreditation Management function to manage our mid-cycle report to NWCCU.
  • Beginning with the 2019-20 PRC cycle, faculty have the option to submit their PRC materials through Tk20. Please contact Beverly West ( or x88796) if you are interested in participating.

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Michael Baltzley, Associate Provost for Academic Effectiveness

503-838-8832 | or e-mail: Location: Old Education Building, 202K