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What is the WOU Sexual Misconduct Education Program?

WOU applied for and received a USDOJ Office on Violence Against Women CASA grant to equip students to protect themselves and their friends. As part of the grant, DOJ requires all campuses “establish a mandatory prevention and education program about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking for all incoming students, working in collaboration with campus and community-based victim advocacy organizations”. To address this requirement, WOU created the Sexual Misconduct Education Program to increase awareness and understanding of various behaviors that fall under the umbrella of sexual misconduct.

What does the education program look like?

The education program is comprised of eight different vignettes and interviews with various WOU support staff. The vignettes were filmed with the help of students from the WOU Theater and Dance Department. The program curriculum contains eight modules, each of which include a video vignette, PowerPoint presentation, discussion questions, and resource materials.

What are the eight vignettes?

The vignettes are short educational videos that address the following topics: Stalking, Sexual Assault, After the Party, Intimate Partner Violence, Athletes on the Road, Studying Abroad, Cross Cultural Dating, and LGBTQ.

Where is the education program available?

Please contact the Student Health & Counseling Center at (503) 838-8396  or the CASA Grant Director, Mary Ellen Dello Stritto at (503) 838-9657 to schedule a presentation.

Who should I contact if I have questions or need additional information?

Please contact the Student Health & Counseling Center at (503) 838-8396 or Abby’s House Center for Women & Families at (503) 838-8219.



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