Move-in day is tomorrow, can you believe it? We’re so excited to welcome you to campus. We’ve spent the last month helping you get to know WOU, but your college experience goes beyond our campus borders. Getting involved with our surrounding community and beyond will help make your college experience even better. Here are some ways to get involved.

Participate in community events

You’re probably familiar with on campus events, but there’s also an abundance of events you can participate in the surrounding communities. During the summer months and holidays, especially, there’s always something to do. This fall, keep an eye out for holiday tree lightings, parades, and social events, all which can connect you with community members. Monmouth and Independence are our closest communities. Dallas, Salem and Corvallis are the next closest with lots of things happening.


One of the best ways to get connected with the community around campus is to volunteer! Monmouth, Independence, and Dallas all have great opportunities for college students, in a variety of positions. Some of the places you can volunteer at include the Monmouth Senior Center, the Dallas Public Library, and the Polk County Historical Society and Museum. 


The city of Dallas runs a program where you can select a park to take care of for one year. By agreeing to adopt a park, participants are responsible for maintaining the park, including trash removal, planting trees, caring for plants, among other routine maintenance. Individuals and groups alike can adopt the park, and once the volunteers have completed 20 service hours, a plaque will be placed at the park. Visit for more information. 


Some students don’t have the time or finances to volunteer, so another great (and just as valid) way to get involved is a job. Getting out into the community can expose you to many opportunities, even some that may benefit you after you graduate.