With all the awesome events that happen on campus, it can be easy to miss stuff. You might get an abundance of emails, or maybe there’s just too much happening around campus to keep track of it all. Here are some ways you can make sure you’re getting all the information you need. 

At WOU, we like to make sure students are fully aware of what’s happening, so you’ll see a variety of mediums to display what’s going on. This includes the many bulletin boards placed around campus that are full of posters for events. You can also check out WOU’s online calendar of events, which can be found here

The WUC is one of the best places to head to when you’re looking for what’s happening around campus. You’ll be able to find TVs that display what’s going on that day, as well as important upcoming events. Even the bathrooms in the WUC are included, as you’ll be able to find a condensed calendar of events, dubbed the Tinkle Times, within the stalls. 

Stay connected by checking your email daily. Not only will you get important updates from professors (like everyone’s favorite cancelled class notice), but you’ll also get emails about campus events, important changes, safety concerns, and more. Be sure to opt-in to email categories in your Portal so you’re getting notified of what’s happening.

Most of us spend large amounts of our time on social media, which makes it a great place to follow WOU accounts! Important information, like events, school closures, and more will be posted on the school’s official social media accounts. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

You can also check out other student media formats, like the radio station KWOU or the student-run Western Howl weekly newspaper, which is available both online and in print. By exploring these different avenues for campus updates, events, connections, you’ll be sure to know exactly what’s happening on campus.