Lots of students look for part-time jobs while in college to develop skills for life after college and cover expenses while in college. At WOU, our best resource to help you find a job or internship is the Service Learning and Career Development (SLCD), which is located on the lower floor of the WUC. Here’s some of the services you can utilize from SLCD.


This is an online system to help you find jobs and internships. On campus jobs, work study positions, internships, and lots of off-campus opportunities are listed in this database. It’s easy to upload your resume and apply for jobs, all in one place.

Coffee Talk

Throughout the term, SLCD will host coffee talks with various businesses, which allows students a chance to connect with community members and local employers. Usually hosted in the WUC, these sessions last about two hours and include a full coffee station. Stop by to check out some great employer opportunities.

Alternative Break Program

If you’re interested in helping others, Alternative Break might be for you! This is a service organization that identifies communities in need and sends teams of students to help. During this program, students gain invaluable skills, like teamwork and social responsibility, as well as benefiting underserved communities. In recent years, students have gone to California, Canada, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

WOU Community Internship Program

Often called CIP (pronounced “sip”), this is a great internship program. It includes various departments in order to meet the career goals of WOU students. Applications for the internships open on October 7, and include positions like anthology editor, alumni relations, and marketing and graphics intern. Internships begin at the start of winter term.

Job Search and Interview Preparation

SLCD offers many services to assist students in finding jobs and preparing for interviews, like resume reviews and mock interviews. These resources can ensure you put your best foot forward when you head into your interview. Appointments can be scheduled through WolfLink.

Online Resources

SLCD also offers online resources, which can help if you can’t make it into the office. If you visit SLCD’s website, you’ll be able to find an abundance of resources, ranging from resume examples to email templates.

Overall, SLCD exists to ensure students are prepared for their careers post-college, and the preparation can start as soon as you’re enrolled at WOU. Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by SLCD while you can!