We’re halfway through the 30 Days to WOU countdown! For those of you living on campus, we’re sure some of you are already packed and ready to go for move-in day while others may be throwing stuff in a suitcase the morning you leave. There’s no right or wrong way to pack. But, we have some handy tips of things to bring and how to prepare.

First up, check out what you don’t need to bring (like a microwave or fridge) because your room already has them. Also, check out that page to see what’s not allowed in the res halls. Want a checklist you can print and physically check off or fill out as a PDF? We’ve got your back.

There are tons of packing checklists on Pinterest or a Google search away. But here are a few things we want to make sure to point out:

  • Check with your new roommate to see if there are things you can avoid doubling up on
  • Pack your bedding last to unload it first. There’s something great about putting your bedding on and getting your new room to feel like home.
  • For those of you who wear make-up, stick a cotton square or cottonball in a compact to avoid cracking powders. Talk about a #lifehack.
  • Consider leaving your clothes on the hangers and packing them as-is (through a trash bag over them to keep them from falling off). That will save you time in hanging your clothes.
  • Throw your essentials in an overnight bag or separate suitcase. Move-in day can be pretty tiring and you may not want to unpack everything right away. Pack your toiletries, clothes for the next day, cell phone charger, and stuffed animal (we don’t judge) so you can access what you need without having to dig through everything.
  • Do you plan to use bins for snacks or other things? Pack those before you move with how you want them in your room and that’s one less thing to sort out.
  • Planning to decorate? Pack your decor separate so it’s easy to set aside for once you get settled (or do that first if you’re excited!).

Have you come across any tips that you’re planning to use? Let us know and maybe we’ll add it to the list!