WOU strives for equality and student accommodation. Among the university’s many resources are specifically queer-safe spaces, offering support and counsel to those in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Triangle Alliance

Triangle Alliance is WOU’s on-campus LGBTQ+ and ally club, self-described as a “social network focused on acceptance, equality, and education.” Triangle Alliance is a welcoming community that meets weekly, joining students in discussions, social activities, and games. Every aspect of the gatherings are challenged by choice, meaning your participation is never expected; your comfort is the staff and community’s first priority. Triangle Alliance is also a safe space, and the personal information students share during gatherings are intended to stay within those gatherings.

Triangle Alliance hosts campus events that promote equality and acceptance outside of just club meetings. Most prominent of these events are the Day of Silence, the Night of Noise, and WOU’s annual Drag Show. 

Stonewall Center

The Stonewall Center is part of Student Engagement and is WOU’s LGBTQ resource, support, and advocacy center. They offer a lounge area for students to find community, support, and help navigating resources. Stonewall is staffed by the Stonewall Center coordinator and a wonderful bunch of volunteers who have been trained on resources and supporting students. Stonewall can also help you learn where the all gender restrooms are on campus. The Stonewall Center hosts educational and social events. Be on the lookout for Mario Kart tournaments, Gaymer Nights, National Coming Out Day, and more!

Safe Zone

Safe Zone is a group of WOU employees and students that facilitates WOU’s ally trainings. Faculty and staff who have participated in this training are provided with official Safe Zone stickers, often posted in their offices to relay that they have completed the training and are there to support students. If you are interested in being Safe Zone trained email safezone@wou.edu for more information.

Abby’s House

Abby’s House is a feminist-centered organization that advocates for equality and social justice within the university and all its branching communities. They focus on mental health, discrimination, harassment, and gender identity, referring students to helpful resources based upon their experiences and needs.