We offer a lot of services to students, ranging from academic support to social activities. Here are a few of them that are worth getting stoked about. 


WOLF Ride provides free shuttle service for students who might not feel safe walking after dark or if you’d like a pick-up at the grocery store or a ride to the movie theater in Independence. The van is also equipped with a wheelchair lift. To request a ride, call 503-428-7238 between the hours of 5 pm and midnight. Service starts up for this academic year on October 9. 

Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center

The Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center houses a full basketball court, rock climbing and bouldering walls, an elevated track, swimming pool and therapy pool, full cardio and weight rooms, and much more! You can even attend specific classes at the HWC, like yoga and water aerobics. There’s also equipment you can rent for outdoor activities, like tennis at the nearby tennis courts. Guess what? There’s an outdoor program too, which facilitates several hikes throughout the year. The best part? Membership is included in your incidental fees so it’s not an extra thing you need to sign up for when you get here. All you need is your student ID.

Residential Service Center

The Residential Service Center, or RSC as you’ll be calling it pretty soon, is where you go to collect mail and pick up packages if you’re living on campus. You can also get computing help there. If you’re having software issues, need help with virus scanning or want to troubleshoot other tech issues, visit Residential Computing in the RSC. 

If you’re living off campus, you can get tech support from University Computing Solutions, which is in the south wing of the Instructional Technology Center, or ITC.

Print Shop

As a WOU student, you’re allotted a certain amount of print credits each term, which you can use to print off your assignments. You can also use these credits at the Print Shop, where you can print larger products (like posters for the annual Academic Excellence Showcase), get help with binding, choose different paper options, and much more. Orders can be submitted online, and you can ask for a price quote before your order is processed. Awesome, right? 

Student Health and Counseling Center

This building is located on the main street through campus (Monmouth Avenue), next to the Winters Math and Nursing Building. Within the Student Health and Counseling Center, you can book doctor’s appointments and counseling sessions. There’s even an R&R room where you can relax in a massage chair. Visit the website to check out all of the amazing programs they offer to support your health and wellness through college. Appointments can easily be made through the WOU Portal.