At SOAR, you most likely had your picture taken and received an identification (ID) card. If not, it’s important to visit the information desk in Werner University Center in order to request one. This card will include your name, picture, and student number, which all help identify you as a student. Here are the most important uses for your WOU ID. 

Purchasing food 

Your ID card links to your student account, so you can use it to pay for food and drinks at Valsetz, Caffe Allegro, The Press, Wolf Grill, and Western Deli. Since you rely on the ID card for food purchases, if you lose your ID and cannot find it or are unwilling to replace the card, you’ll need to pay for food without using your student account. 

Attending Campus Events 

WOU students with ID receive free admission to various events around campus, including athletics and live theatre performances. 

Going to the gym

You can use your WOU ID to enter the Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center, where you can utilize exercise equipment, a swimming pool, a basketball court, among many other things. Students who pay full incidental fees receive admission to the center. 

Checking out library materials

Odds are you’ll need to check out some books for a research paper or want to take pictures with a DSLR camera. You’ll need your ID to check out any materials from Hamersly Library. And while you’re there, use it to grab a coffee at The Press!

If you lose your ID card, it is incredibly important to either find it or purchase a new one. Found IDs will be returned to the information desk in the WUC, and you will receive an email once it has been found. Replacements can be purchased for $15.