Are you worried about how hard classes might be? You’re not alone. That’s one of the most stressful parts of heading to college. Sometimes classes can be tough and you need a bit of extra support. If you’re feeling overwhelmed in a class, aren’t sure how to start that essay or wish you could get a second set of eyes on something, we have many free on-campus resources that can help you with your studies. 

Writing Center

Located on the third floor of Academic Programs and Support Center (usually called APSC), the Writing Center is available to help with essays, creative writing projects, lab reports, scholarship applications, and much more! Appointments can be made through the WOU Portal, and you can specify the help you need. The Writing Center also has night hours in Hamersly Library, room 116, and there’s no need for an appointment. There’s an option for online appointments too, so there’s no reason not to use this resource.

Math Center

Not understanding a math concept or want to talk through a math problem? The Math Center can help, whether it’s for Math 65 or advanced calculus. This tutoring center is located on the second floor of Hamersly Library, Monday through Friday, with afternoon hours on Sunday. The tutoring is drop-in, so there’s no need to make an appointment, and you can stop by when you’re free. 

Science Center

Need support in a biology, chemistry, Earth science, or physics course? The Science Center offers tutoring in DeVolder Family Science Center. Hours and tutor options vary by term so be sure to check the current schedule when you need it.

English Tutoring Center

The English Tutoring Center has tutors who specialize in teaching English as a foreign language and they help English language learners. They’re located in APSC and offer tutoring there during the week and some evening hours in Hamersly Library. The tutors specialize in English reading, speaking, listening, and grammar. While they are primarily appointment-based, walk-ins are accepted, but cannot be guaranteed.  

Digital Media Center

The Digital Media Center is on-hand to help you with technology. Whether you need to learn how to use iMovie for a class project, record yourself reciting something, or need to check out a camera, DMC is there for you. They’re in Hamersly Library and have lots of equipment and computers available to help you with your projects. Visit their website to see a thorough list of what they offer and what they can train you on.

Student Success and Advising Tutoring Center

In addition to the subject-specific tutoring centers above, WOU offers individual tutoring in most subjects. These appointments can be scheduled through WOU Portal. While there is no specific tutoring location, within the appointment page there will be an option where you can choose where to meet. If there is no tutoring offered for a specific course you need, you can easily make a request with the Student Success and Advising office. 

Want to learn more? Visit the campus free tutoring website for more information.