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Reuse= to use again

With the frequent lack of resources in our schools today and the limited budget of teachers, it is definitely to our advantage to become creative with resusing. Here are some common things reused in classrooms:

*Newspaper= used for art projects, pictures cut out for collages, lining desks before painting, cut in strips for worm composting, etc.

*Plastic yogurt containers= used for holding paint, for painting water cup, miniature flower pots for planting projects, used for storing materials if it has a lid, etc.

*Gallon milk jugs= These are a favorite to use for holding Valentine's Day cards and cancy. They can be decorated with paint, wrapped around by a paper animal, or decorated with cut out pictures. The sky is the limit. The best part is having a handle to carry the special treates home with.

Before and After

*Colored paper scraps= small or large pieces of colored paper that would otherwise get thrown away or recycled can be kept in a large box for reuse in collages, art projects, making bookmarks, etc.

*Plastic grocery bags= these come in handy for those students who forget their backpack occasionally of if you have a school project to send home.

*Two liter pop bottles= reuse these to make flower pots, gift containers, bird feeders, simulated tornados, and more.

Fun classroom or school project using paper grocery bags- click on picture for more information!

Need more ideas on how to make your classroom re-use friendly? Check out this site for a monthly idea throughout the school year!